Functionomics – a post-genomic approach to molecular diagnostics, based on circulating tumor-derived microparticles.
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NeXosomeTM blood-based diagnostic products may change our understanding of cancer and prenatal conditions.
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Realizing the Promise of Personalized Medicine

NX PharmaGen’s groundbreaking technologies are paving the way for patients to realize the promise of personalized medicine in cancer, prenatal care, and other conditions. The next generation of medical care is dawning, and the tools that NX PharmaGen is developing may play a key role in solving the rate-limiting step: the ability to provide the actionable, disease-specific molecular data in a repeatable, cost-effective, and non-invasive manner.
“We are at a key point of inflection in the evolution of molecular diagnostics for cancer and other diseases. Given the limitations of imaging techniques, tissue-based genomics, and early blood-based approaches, NX PharmaGen has brought together the patents, key methods, know-how, and resources that will enable a leapfrogging of current state of the art pursuits with a blood-based, multiplexed proteomic platform featuring the specificity, stability, and intensified signal afforded by our exosome-based approach.

Alan Ezrin, Ph.D.
CEO – NX PharmaGen