Company Profile

NX PharmaGen’s business model is to acquire, develop, and monetize mature clinical-stage breakthrough technologies. The company’s lead program is a disruptive diagnostic technology, termed the NeXosomeTM Platform, which is designed to yield:

  • A dominant intellectual property position in microvesicle or exosome-based proteomics for molecular diagnostic uses;
  • First-to-market assays in select prenatal and oncology indications,┬áproviding commercial proof of concept;
  • Full development of identified commercial opportunities in preterm birth risk assessment, as well as the detection, sub-typing, staging, treatment planning and monitoring of brain cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and other cancer indications;
  • The assembly of an unparalleled consortium of key scientists, clinicians, and collaborators;
  • The formalization of the industry’s most advanced exosome research platform to enable multiple collaboration opportunities with drug developers and other researchers;
  • A series of multi-institutional grant opportunities; and
  • An enterprise which has the potential to create significant value for its stakeholders.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, NX Development Corp., the company has obtained options to pursue additional technology to enhance surgical outcomes for cancer.