NX PharmaGen has partnered with the David H. Murdock Research Institute for the optimization and validation of its diagnostic assays.   DHMRI’s management and scientific staff have been recruited from leading public and private institutions, and their expertise and experience span the full breadth of biopharmaceutical and life sciences from early discovery to late stage development.  Their multi-disciplinary expertise, including experimental design, proteomics and bioinformatics, is built on a strong foundation of state-of-the-art instrumentation and quality systems.

Clinicians and Researchers: Join our Microvesicle-Proteomics Research Consortium
If you are interested in helping us pursue all potential applications of our microvesicle-based proteomics platform, please contact us today.

Pharma Companies: Accelerate and Improve Your Drug Development Pipeline
Put the power of the NeXosome platform to work to enable optimal clinical trial patient selection, to monitor responsiveness to your therapy, and to detect molecular changes in a patient’s tumor which could explain drug resistance. Contact us today to discuss partnership opportunities.

Molecular Diagnostics Companies: Expand Your Capabilities
Let’s explore ways we can help each other. Please contact us today to discuss strategic collaborations.

Investors: Optimize Your Portfolio
NX PharmaGen is currently a privately-held company. We are always happy to meet and explore possibilities with seasoned life science investors looking for unique investment opportunities.

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