NeXosome(TM) Prenatal and Oncology Diagnostics

The NeXosome TM proteomics platform is rapid, reproducible, accurate, and cost effective, and incorporates patent-pending technology that permits analysis of an array of protein biomarkers shed specifically from placental or tumor cells within protected exosomes (or microvesicles) and harvested from blood samples. NeXosome assays will permit the early identification of pregnant women at-risk for preterm birth, as well as the time series evaluation of the molecular machinery of a tumor through the phases of screening, diagnosis, drug selection, treatment response, and tumor recurrence.

Circulating placental exosomes appear to be important features of intercellular communication between the maternal immune system and the fetus, and the protein biomarkers composing exosomes may be critical determinants of potential pregnancy outcomes.  The studies of our affiliate, NX Prenatal,  indicate an ability to correlate unique protein biomarkers derived from circulating placental exosomes as early as week 10-12 of gestation to preterm and term outcomes with a high degree of accuracy. Please visit to learn more.

In addition, our research data and our portfolio of issued patents support the development of NeXosome assays that address clinically relevant issues across a wide variety of cancers, including brain cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.  The shedding of oncoprotein-containing exosomes or microvesicles into the bloodstream has also been confirmed in prostate cancer, melanoma, pancreatic cancer, head/neck cancers, and cervical cancer.